MyHeartScan Team

The team is formed of experienced multidisciplinary, multinational professionals from a range of disciplines:

–Clinical Director

  • Cardiac Surgeon, with extensive expertise in Biomedical Engineering (UK)

–Cardiologists (Interventional and Non Interventional)

  • Professor of Cardiology (Non – Interventional) (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Professor of Cardiology (Interventional) (Calcutta, India)
  • Doctor of Cardiology (Interventional) (Mangalore, India)

–Cardiac Surgery

  • Chief Cardiac Surgeon (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

–Cardiac Anasthesia

  • Chief Cardiac Aneathesthesiologist (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

–Family Practice Physician

  • Doctor (General Practice) (Calcutta, India)

–Chest Physician/ Respiratory medicine

  • Professor of Respiratory Medicine (Lucknow, India)

–Diabetes Specialist

  • Doctor (Diabetes Research Centre) (Calcutta, India)

–Engineering and Technology

  • Chartered Electrical Engineer and Technology Specialist