Our Technology

Easy to Use Heart Screening Tool

  1. healthExpress is a ‘simple to use’ device utilising 4 limb leads to deliver a highly effective heart health screening solution
  2. Simple computer interpretation provides for increased patient-doctor interaction with the results delivered in just 3 minutes without the need to remove clothing.
  3. Fully portable, the device requires only minimal training for ease of interpretation using the visualization

Use in Rural and Clinical Environments

  1. Simple reports for rural health screening – ease of use, interpretation and patient communication through the use of a user friendly interface
  2. Compact and lightweight with no external power requirements
  3. General and expert reports available for clinical analysis.
  4. 6 and 12 Lead modules to provide detailed standard reports for conventional interpretation
  5. Additional modules to support general screening – physiological
  6. Secure encrypted database for patient data security

Advanced Analysis and Interpretation

  1. The healthExpress system selects 30 seconds segments from a 3 minute ECG record analysing the low-amplitude oscillations in ECG-signals , a fundamental difference from a standard ECG contour analysis. The analysis is shown in the Myocardium index and another 9 indices, which detail the changes in heart zones.
  2. Microalternations are sensitive indicators of the mechanisms of regulation of heart. The system reacts to small metabolic changes.
  3. Highly accurate with Sensitivity 84% with Specificity 73% for Myocardium index. – (Testing results – PTB ECG database from National Metrology Institute of Germany)
  4. CE Marked and Easy to use in a wide range of clinical settings